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Advice to social media mavens...from media pros

We're just back from two days in Houston as the guests of ttweak, a marketing, communications and design firm that shares our belief that authentic, original voices are the best way to convey a message. ttweak's best-known work is probably their Houston It's Worth It campaign, but their extensive and varied experience also includes a number of video projects that let interview subjects, rather than narrators, tell the story.

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Social Signal at the Blog Business Summit

Blog Business Summit 2007

We're pleased to be sponsoring the 2007 Blog Business Summit, running Oct. 25-27 in Seattle. It's a gathering of some of the leading voices in business blogging:

We’re hoping you can join us to compare notes and discover the latest tools and techniques that will help you take your blogging, videoblogging, and podcasting efforts to the next level.

Business Blogging gurus like Robert Scoble, Matt Mullenweg, Jason Calacanis, Mary Hodder, Buzz Bruggeman, Maryam Scoble, Janet Johnson, Steve Broback, John Furrier, and DL Byron have already said they’re available to take the podium during this year’s event, and many more experts will be joining us onstage during the three-day confab.

And because we're sponsors, we get to offer a special discount on registering. (That's right: we spend money and pass the savings on to you!) Enter the sponsor code SOSIGNAL06 on the second page of the registration site, and they'll knock $100 off the fee. Not bad for a conference that offers everything from the very basics to the latest trends.

If you are planning on coming, let us know – we'll look forward to seeing you there. (And it's your chance to see Alex's now-legendary laptop!) 

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