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Use sketchnotes and graphic recording to spread your speech's message

Sketchnote fragment

A social speech has the power to extend your message's reach beyond the audience in attendance. And one of the most powerful ways you can do that is by encapsulating that message in a self-contained, easily-shared piece of content: a social object.

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Cartoon-blogging at Google Engage Vancouver

Google Engage factoid with beaver

Google Engage for Agencies came to Canada a year ago, training agencies in AdWords and other Google products so they can then offer those products to their clients. Yesterday Google celebrated the program's first Canuck birthday with a four-city conference, connected by Google Hangout, looking at marketing trends facing digital agencies and their clients.

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Intimacy, truth and music: the search for "It" in podcasts

Northern Voice: Tod Maffin on making your podcast awesome

It's Tod Maffin on podcasting... which is to say, solid gold advice.

Notes from Tod Maffin's talk at Northern Voice

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From screen to paper

Northern Voice: The Book Broads on turning your blog into a book

New media turning into old? It's not as counterintuitive as you might think, as Angela Crocker, Kim Plumley and Peggy Richardson of The Book Broads explained.

Notes from the Book Broads' talk on turning your blog into a book

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Drawing in situ

Northern Voice: Rachel Smith on graphic recording on the iPad

Graphic recording has long held a certain fascination for me: the idea of capturing the ideas and emotions of a speech, workshop or meeting on paper, as the event progresses. (Nancy White's graphic record of my Northern Voice keynote last year remains one of my happiest public speaking experiences.)

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Trade you a Pikachu for that Hawaiian Bobtail Squid

Northern Voice: David Ng on crowdsourcing a trading-card game to teach biodiversity

David Ng's talk on Phylo - a trading-card game inspired by the study showing kids can identify more Pokémon characters than actual local species - rocked the house, not least because he had us do Chewbacca impersonations.

My notes from David Ng


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A touch of mystery

Bryan Alexander at Northern Voice on mystery, bees and bad PowerPoint

Is there such a thing as too much clarity?

RTWS: Mortified in real-time

RTWS: Mortified in real-time

Your mistakes can now go viral in no time

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Have tablet, will travel

Almost-real-time cartoon blogging at the Real-Time Web Summit

I'm at the ReadWrite Real-Time Web Summit in Mountain View, CA today - and so is my trusty Cintiq, and some phenomenally smart people.

Over the course of the day, I'll be cartoon-blogging from the conference. You can catch it at ReadWriteWeb and here at Noise to Signal.

Comments always welcome!

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