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They grow up so fast...

When social creations take flight


Five years ago this summer, in a boardroom at Vancity, William Azaroff was unveiling a new online community to an audience of Vancouver-area bloggers — a community we had worked with Vancity to conceive, build and launch. Also in attendance (maybe explaining his later affection for computers and gadgets): our one-week-old second child.

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Warm hearts vs. cold feet

ChangeEverything.ca launches "Got socks?" drive

If you've ever accidentally soaked your shoes in a puddle on a freezing day, you'll appreciate how miserable the experience can be... and how desperate you can be to get to your home, school or workplace to change into a spare pair.

When you're living on the streets, though, it's more than just discomfort. Cold, wet feet can quickly become agonizing to walk on - adding a big barrier to finding a job, food or shelter for the night.

And I'm going to let Kate Dugas from ChangeEverything.ca take it from here:

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Open SoSi: The Concept Jam part 4

How to create a great report summarizing your workshop's results, with an example from Vancity's Change Everything

We love the Concept Jam workshop for what happens in the room, as people get excited about the possibilities for social media in their organizations and their own work. And we love taking what happens in the room and teasing out the ideas and mashing them up with what we know ourselves until we can deliver a really varied, exciting set of options.

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Spurring participation: Vancity's Viva la resolution! contest now in its 3rd year

Viva la resolution! contest

A little over two years ago, we sat down with Vancity's Kate Dugas and William Azaroff to help them think through a New Year's resolution contest. Little did we know we were helping to forge a dynasty.

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Thank you, ChangeEverything supporters!

Supporters show love for ChangeEverything at the Webby Awards

We just wanted to say a big "thank you" to all of our friends out there who headed over to the Webby Awards People's Voice site and voted for Vancity's

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ChangeEverything.ca gets a Webby nomination... and some big-league peers

ChangeEverything.ca, the online community we conceived and built for Vancity, read full article

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Nudging participation along at ChangeEverything.ca

User-based sites like Vancity's ChangeEverything.ca thrive on participation. And there's a lively community creating changes and blogging about them... which is a tribute to the community, to the site's compelling concept and to the work of community animator Kate Dugas.

Now Vancity wants to take participation to the next level.

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Your ChangeEverything.ca blog post could win $1,000 for your cause

Our friends (and clients) at Vancity's ChangeEverything.ca community are running a great little contest with a cool twist. Blog about a good cause (at ChangeEverything.ca), tag it "changesomething", whip up some buzz around it, and you could win a $1,000 donation from Vancity to the group you blogged about.

They're doing in in celebration of their new branches, which just opened. What I love about this is the chance to give some profile to the smaller groups out there, the folks for whom $1,000 could make a real difference.

Best-case scenario: a good cause gets the money. Worst-case scenario: even the groups that don't win get some real profile in a community of more than 1,500 people dedicated to change. And either way, some important stories get told.

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ChangeEverything.ca is a Webby Official Honoree!

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ChangeEverything.ca becoming a launch platform for great ideas

Just as you can never really tell if an online community will really take off, you also really don't know what form that success will take.

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