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Green Gifts, meet the XO laptop

Green Gifts application iconLast month, read full article

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BC Hydro's Green Gifts: harnessing Facebook gift-giving energy for conservation

When you're a company looking to make your first foray into the thickets of social media, building your own online community from scratch – and taking on everything from usability issues to platform selection to how you get that critical mass of people to sign up in the first place – can seem pretty daunting, and with good reason.

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NetSquared, year 2 begins

As I write this, Irene Weiser from Stop Family Violence is on stage at NetSquared, telling t

Hollyhock Leadership Institute / Social Change Institute

Hollyhock Leadership Institute logoEvery year, thousands of people from around the world make the trek to Cortes Island’s idyllic Hollyhock retreat centre. (If you haven’t had an opportunity to a

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Work Smarter with Evernote

Get more out of Evernote with Alexandra Samuel's great new ebook, the first in the Harvard Business Press Work Smarter with Social Media series!

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