Pretty much the last time I FollowFriday'd anyone, too

Pretty much the last time I FollowFriday'd anyone, too

(one old person to another) 2010. Yep, last time I commented on a blog was way back in 2010.

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Creating a conversation hub

How to monitor your blog's comments using Twitter


Twitter has helped move my attention from the soapbox side of social media ("Here I am blogging about the Important Idea I want to convey") towards its conversational side ("What do you think about my Important Idea?") The short message length and rapid-fire pace of Twitter, combined with the panoramic view of my friends that I get from my Tweetdeck setup , fosters a more conversational online relationship with my friends and colleagues.

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Blogging self-defence for brands

Don't let your blog's comments turn into an arena for bashing your organization


Asked on LinkedIn: "Blogs are a very good tool for consumers to evaluate prospective product or service providers. However, how can a business use blogs to its commercial advantage (i.e. gain valuable insight into customer behavior and satisfaction levels) while minimizing the risk of being unduly smeared by a minority of disgruntled customers or even competitor attacks?"

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Problem children

David Eaves on coping with difficult comments

Shouting and spitting

Some blog comments are easy to deal with. They praise you to the heavens, share a related story or gently offer a different perspective... that is, they're a positive part of the conversation. You thank, you respond (or they're comment spam, in which case you report them to Mollom or Akismet and then delete) and the circle of life continues.

But other comments are hard. They get your back up. They seem to question not just your argument but your integrity. The more you read them, the clearer it becomes that they were written by evil, evil people. And with your fight-or-flight mechanism firmly in gear, you write a blistering reply...

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This week's silver star in social media relations: TripIt's Will Aldrich

Responding to online criticism

Tripit logo

Will Aldrich from TripIt wins this week's Social Signal silver star in social media relations. (To those of you who would point out that this is the first week that the silver star has been awarded, let me say that such observations may be held against you by judges in future weeks.)

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