I'm in ur ballot box, rigging ur results

I'm in ur ballot box, rigging ur results

(Iranian government official) See, Twitter's a problem, but it's manageable. Where we're totally having our our asses handed to us is with the LOLcats.

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Turned off by bad news? Try our special Olympic-friendly Internet!

OneWebDay makes issue of Net Neutrality front and center

I'm delighted to be writing this post as a OneWebDay ambassador. OneWebDay, which takes place on September 22, is a global day to celebrate the Internet, and the values that make the Internet such an essential part of our society. This year OneWebDay is paying particular tribute to the Internet's role in supporting democratic participation -- a role that is made possible by the Internet's character as an open, global and participatory medium.

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NetSquared: Online tools changing offline politics

There's a panel on right now with three fascinating thinkers and doers in online political activism: Joan Blades, Amy Goodman and – facilitating – Micah Sifry. Here are my very rough notes.

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