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Facebook Group or Facebook Page? Time to decide... now.

Facebook Decision

There's an issue people raise constantly in my seminars and workshops, in a conversation that usually goes something like this:

Them: "Should we have a Facebook Group or a Facebook Page?"

Me: "Well, Facebook wants you to use Pages for organizational profiles, and Groups for small group collaboration..."

Them: "You see, we've had a Facebook Group for a few years now, and it does really well. Will Facebook convert it to a Page for us?"

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Elections Canada, you're going about this all wrong

Want to stop election-night tweeting? Appeal to online culture

Hi, Elections Canada. We go back a long way, you and me. I'm the kid who had your colour-coded riding map masking-taped to my bedroom wall.

So let me offer some friendly advice. You want to stop people from tweeting election results from Eastern Canada before folks in Western Canada have had a chance to cast their ballots?

Then don't use section 329 of the Canada Elections Act. The full weight of the law is way too blunt an instrument.

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The King's Tweet

One Oscar nominee has special relevance for social media. And it isn't The Social Network.


The offi­cial Oscar nom­in­a­tions are out, and there’s a movie up for best picture that has a lot to say about social media and the online com­mu­nic­a­tions revolu­tion sweeping the world.

The Social Network? Hell, no. I’m talking about The King’s Speech.

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Noise to Signal looks back

Social media in 2010: a cartoon year in review

The year that started with Angry Birds and wrapped up with Angry Delicious Users is finally over.

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To the barricades!

Defend your email inbox from a Facebook Groups barrage

Facebook's announcement yesterday of a new Groups feature caught a lot of people by surprise.

Even more surprising, though, was the discovery that you could be signed up for a Group without knowing about it - and that your inbox would promptly start filling up with notifications every time someone posted, well, pretty much anything.

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Flipboard could gently challenge your intellectual comfort zone

Flipboard logo

By now, you've probably heard about the prominent but troubled launch of an iPad app called Flipboard.

Beautifully and simply designed, Flipboard presents the photos, news, blog posts and updates your social media contacts on Twitter and Facebook are sharing – along with a curated selection of updates from a number of sources such as GOOD and GigaOM.

Maybe because you herded all those Farmville sheep

Maybe because you herded all those Farmville sheep

(one dog on a computer, to another dog) How does Facebook know I'm a dog?

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A click too far

Why Quit Facebook Day didn't work

The CBC's Theresa Lalonde interviewed me back in January about social media trends for the coming year, and she was kind enough to replay one of my predictions that actually seems to be coming true (that people are going to become more attentive to how they use platforms like Facebook, and who they friend) in a piece about Quit Facebook Day.

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