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The shiny one or the cross-platform one?

The 9 software choices every Mac user needs to make

Apple or orange?

This is part 2 in a series, Coming out as a Mac user.

As you embark on your new Mac lifestyle, you'll be faced with choices that challenge you to think about who you really are, and what's really important to you. Are you an iconoclast, a design freak, a fashionista who does everything with style and flair? Or are you a conciliator, a mediator, the kind to bring people together and bridge between worlds?

Choosing the right applications for your Mac often feels like a choice between these two different identities: the choice between a shiny, stylin' Mac-specific app, and an often less-shiny, cross-platform-compatible alternative.

But you don't have to choose between personal style and social substance. You can the coolest kid on the block and play well with others, as long as you've got your Mac kitted out with the right tools for every job.

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Plugging into Social Signal

Social media strategy and tech tips, now available through Firefox search


Looking for social media advice, examples or tech tips? The resources in Dear SoSi, on the Social Signal blog and on the rest of our site are now as close as your Firefox search bar.

This morning I whipped up a Social Signal search engine that you can install in your Firefox browser; now, whenever you need a little social media help, you can just type your search terms into your search bar and instantly find helpful resources.

Install the Social Signal Firefox search tool now (You'll need to click on "Social Signal" to install.)

Look under "known issues"

Look under "known issues"(woman backing away from a laptop that has sprouted scaly legs and a tail) Say, would you mind opening the readme file for that last Firefox extension?
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One of the newest items in my personal toolbox is the Linkwad extension for Firefox. I tend to have a whole lot of browser tabs open at once -- if you're not familiar with tabs, that's essentially a stack of open browser windows. For me this is a great way of dealing with a set of search results: just open all the results that interest me in a set of tabs, and open any other related links in additional tabs; then work my way through the tabs one after another.

That's great if you can make it through ten or twenty tabs in one session. But what if you spend an hour finding a bunch of web sites you want to browse through, and run out of time to review them? Linkwad lets you store a whole set of open tabs for later reference and retrieval.

Once you install the Linkwad extension you need to register on the Linkwad site before you can save any tab sets. Once you're registed and installed the Linkwad toolbar all you do is hit "save" to store a tab set -- you can name it and describe it for future reference, and you can even share your tab set with other Linkwad users.

Linkwad is a handy way for lateral browsers to manage a lot of related web sites across multiple browsing sessions. Well worth an install.

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Work Smarter with Evernote

Get more out of Evernote with Alexandra Samuel's great new ebook, the first in the Harvard Business Press Work Smarter with Social Media series!

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