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Congratulations to Nothing but Nets, Truthdig and Save the Internet

I mentioned a few weeks ago how thrilled we were that Vancity's received an Official Honoree nod from the Webbys.

Now the final results are in. And we're delighted to salute friends and colleagues for their recent smashing success at the Webbys:

  • Nothing but Nets, created by Communicopia for the UN Foundation, won the People's Voice award in the charitable organization category. NbN raises funds to buy mosquito bed nets for people in Africa – and protect them from malaria, a leading killer of children on the continent. (Just ten bucks buys a net; have you bought yours yet?)
  • Truthdig, built by Hop Studios for Zuade, won both the juried and people's voice awards for best political blog. It's a web magazine offering news and commentary on underreported political issues and current affairs.
  • Save the Internet's Independence Day video, directed by Matt Thompson, won the People's Voice award for best public service video. We first met Matt at Web of Change in 2005, and he's an absolute genius – it's nice to see that recognized.

The New York Times has called the Webby's the "Oscars of the Internet". That means two things:

  • One, the awards dinner could be your only chance to ever see the above folks in a tuxedo or evening gown.
  • And two, they've achieved something really, really special. Congratulations to them.

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