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How to get your Wikipedia entry changed... without breaking the rules

Wikipedia logo

It's come up three or four times at workshops I've conducted in the past few weeks: people who work for organizations with an entry in Wikipedia, wondering whether and how they can edit it - if, for instance, misinformation creeps in. (I'm assuming you're not trying to sanitize your entry.

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You have 160 characters. Make them count.

What you don't need in your Twitter biography

Nothing concentrates the mind, the saying goes, like the prospect of being executed in the morning. When you only have a few hours left, you want to make them count.

But substitute space for time, and give people a 160-character limit on summing up their life's story (or even just the past 525,600 minutes), and they start adding the oddest things.

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How to Mac-ify and Migrate

Making a Mac netbook, Part 3: How to migrate your current Mac setup to your new Mac netbook

Mac HP Mini

Continued from Part 2: How to install the Mac OS on a Windows or Unix netbook

Once I finished installing Snow Leopard on my HP Mini,  I did one more incredibly brave and potentially foolish thing. Rather than endure the long and arduous process of installing all my Mac software to the Mini, and having to configure it from scratch, I used Apple's Migration Assistant to move the heart and soul of my Mac directly to the Mini.

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How to Mac-ify

Making a Mac netbook, part 2: How to install the Mac OS on a Windows or Unix netbook

Mac HP Mini

Continued from Part 1: Why to Mac-ify


Here's how Mike told me to test whether I could get the netbook to run the Mac OS:

  1. Format an external hard drive and attach it to your Mac.Insert the Mac OS Snow Leopard Installation CD into your Mac.
  2. Launch the Snow Leopard installer; select the external hard drive as the destination for your installation.
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Surefire ways to send would-be LinkedIn contacts fleeing in terror

Cartoon: Have your people friend my people

A lot of virtual ink has been spilled on the subject of how to increase the size of your network on LinkedIn. And one of the best tips is to write a personal note to prospective LinkedIn connections, instead of relying on the soulless boilerplate default text.

Make it compelling, persuasive, charming and engaging. Remind your potential connection how they know you, and what your relationship means to you, like...

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Three weeks to Twitter credibility, part 2

Twitter quickstart: Effective twittering in 5 minutes a week


If you're new to Twitter, you want to quickly eliminate the five sure signs you're a Twitter newbie:

  1. An empty user account with no tweets (see part 1 of our quickstart guide for 21 tweets that can help you avoid that fate!)
  2. Following fewer than 20 people (Oprah, please take note!)
  3. Having fewer than 30 people following you (Oprah, your 472,000 followers have got you covered on that one.)
  4. Updating less than twice a week
  5. Letting your feed peter out after an initial flurry of posts

Here are some quick ways you can follow people, attract followers, and keep your feed regularly updated -- all in less than five minutes a week. You read that right: five minutes!

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Two words that can rock your next presentation

Speakers: how to use Twitter to magnify your speech's online impact

Twitter listens to a speech

Not to sound like a telemarketer, but can I have half a minute of your time?

How about if it does wonders to increase your profile?

Here's how I want you to spend those 30 seconds. Open up your presentation file and click on your title slide - the one with your contact info.

Add two words at the bottom - like this:

Twitter: robcottingham

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