Sample form for a social media strategist hiring

(Please note this position has closed and a candidate has been hired. We're making this form available for public reference.)

The bad news is, that's also the bonus package

The bad news is, that's also the bonus package

(prospective employer to recruit) The benefit package is, we don't block Facebook.

Kindly pee into this cup and hand over your login and password

Kindly pee into this cup and hand over your login and password

(boss to employee) Your work here has been flawless. But unless you start following people back on Twitter, your days at this company are numbered.

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Blog ROI: Training

10 ways to maximize your blog's ROI: Part 8, skills development

Training wheels

Social media should be a no-brainer. After all, it's all about conversation and relationships - and in fact our conversational instincts can serve us well in blogging, podcasting, social networking and other social media channels.

Instinct alone, however, won't suffice. You need skills, knowledge and experience to succeed in social media – from tech chops, to the unique demands of various social media venues, to the social nuances of dealing with conflict between online antagonists.

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Questions to ask when you're hiring a blogger


Michael Haggerty of Trellon, a Washington, DC-based Drupal shop, asked LinkedIn Answers:

I need to hire a blogger, someone who can write about open source and issues affecting non-profits. Basically, I need someone who can take ideas from my team and synthesize them into something that sounds right on our blog. Dunno how to find someone for this position, evaluate his / her skills, or set expectations. Would appreciate any advice.

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