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Into online community and GoreTex? Do we have the job for you.

Job posting: site animator for

The Big Wild site masthead

One of our favourite projects has been The Big Wild, a site where people who love Canada's wilderness can share stories, connect with each other and take action to protect our big wild spaces.

We worked with the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society and the Mountain Equipment Coop, the site's founders, to make it more engaging and easier to use, and for the past four months, our own Aaron Pettigrew has served as the site's animator - encouraging contributions, promoting the site and ramping up participation.

Now The Big Wild has reached the stage where it's ready to hire an animator on their own. And for a conservation-minded social media type - someone who feels just as at home wrangling blog posts and Flickr photos as they do sleeping under the stars a day's hike from the nearest human settlement - this just might be your dream job.

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WANTED: Innovative, entrepreneurial leader with a passion for conservation

MEC and CPAWS seek a Program Director for The Big Wild


For the past four months, Social Signal has been privileged to work with the Mountain Equipment Co-Op and the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society on The Big Wild, a community for wilderness conservation. It's an extraordinary partnership and project: one that marries MEC's membership and special place in the appreciation of Canadian wilderness with CPAWS' advocacy for wilderness conservation.

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