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Crowsourcing a courseware solution

Platform requirements for delivering an online course to 4,000 businesses

What's the best way to deliver online training to individuals and small businesses?

At Social Signal, we've explored a number of options over the years. Now we're developing content for an online course that launches in January 2012, and the team we working with needs your help in identifying the best courseware solutions or courseware developers/integrators.

Grade inflation

Grade inflation

(elementary student to teacher) As you're grading my book report, I hope you'll bear in mind my 45,000 blog subscribers who will be awaiting the outcome with great interest.

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Blog ROI: Training

10 ways to maximize your blog's ROI: Part 8, skills development

Training wheels

Social media should be a no-brainer. After all, it's all about conversation and relationships - and in fact our conversational instincts can serve us well in blogging, podcasting, social networking and other social media channels.

Instinct alone, however, won't suffice. You need skills, knowledge and experience to succeed in social media – from tech chops, to the unique demands of various social media venues, to the social nuances of dealing with conflict between online antagonists.

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Say it now and say it loud: "I'm a newbie, and I'm proud!"

Newbies: your tech unfamiliarity is just a first step on ladder of learning

I delivered a presentation today to the folks at Metro Vancouver (the level of government formerly known as the Greater Vancouver Regional District) on the social web and local government. It was a great group, with lots of lively discussion.

One of the members of the audience introduced herself to me as a "techno-peasant". It's a term I hear a lot from people, often with a rueful smile. But something about the term has always rubbed me the wrong way - and today I realized what it was.

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Work Smarter with Evernote

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