Clingy(woman to friend, walking past store with multiple Friend Us signs in the window) Yeah, that's just what I look for in a brand: clingy and emotionally needy.

With this ringtone, I thee wed

With this ringtone, I thee wed

(woman holding mobile phone, to couple in wedding outfits) And so, by the power vested in me as Foursquare Mayor of this coffee shop, I now pronounce you husband and wife.

Til death (or 140 characters) do you part

Til death (or 140 characters) do you part

(minister at a wedding ceremony, while the bride and groom type on their mobile devices) We will now pause while the bride and groom share their vows with their tweeps.

The cell-ing of the President

The cell-ing of the President(mother to disappointed daughter) No, kiddo, it's not an iPhone. But there would be plenty of kids - and at least one president-elect - who would be thrilled to get a Blackberry like that.
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Customers throwing themselves at you? Might be nice to get their names.

Well, that took long enough.

But at last, the Rogers Wireless home page is updated to at least hint at the biggest news they've had all year:

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