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Reflected glory marketing versus the heavy hand of the brand

Over at the Jackson Fish Market blog, Hillel Cooperman makes a strong case that "software is an untapped and exponentially powerful medium in which to convey messages and values for brand advertisers." He points to Burger King's videogaming endeavours, but says his argument extends to the web as well.

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Vancouver joins the conversation on ChangeEverything.ca

Someone at City Hall is listening to at least one corner of the blogging world.

Over at ChangeEverything.ca, the online community we built with Vancity, user Scott Robarts recently asked why the city is cutting down the trees on Granville Street:

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Could have been the forums, might have been the blogs: make your online community a party

Scaling enjoyment in your online community is your best growth and success strategy

If you've been online for a while, you've probably seen them: would-be online communities that echo with emptiness.

John Gladding at A List Apart offers a handy metaphor: hosting a party where nobody comes. (Dammit... must I relive high school again?!) And he uses that metaphor to offer some solid advice – pitched particularly at people operating forums, but useful for the rest of us, too.

Among his best tips:

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Changing everything at Vancity

Announcing Vancity's Change Everything: an online community conversation on change

Think "financial institution", and you likely think of pinstripes, vaults and armed guards. Oh, and a powerful, deep-seated aversion to change.

So it'll probably startle a lot of people to see the latest project from Vancity, Canada's largest credit union. ChangeEverything.ca is an online community targeted (but not limited) to residents of Vancouver, Victoria and B.C.'s Lower Mainland. We spent the past few months building it, and launched a few days ago.

Eight tips for fostering community with content

Organizations have discovered that community-driven web sites can engage supporters, stakeholders and members of the public. The most effective community sites build critical mass quickly -- and compelling content remains the easiest way to attract users. The good news is that a community-based approach gives you a wealth of options for effectively creating, shaping and organizing content.

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Business tunes into grassroots community

SXSW Session: Going from customers to value creators

I'm just back from SXSW, where I was reminded that there are still a few people out there who are thinking about the Internet as a potential business opportunity rather than as a chance to reinvent democracy.

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