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Spreading OpenSoSi

Ask social media experts to share their secrets at SXSW

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The incredible reaction to Open SoSi got me thinking about my proposed panel for SXSW, Are you smarter than a social media expert? As originally conceived, this panel asked:

Is there such a thing as a social media expert? What do they bring to the table? The experts will defend their titles (or admit their limitations) against challengers from the audience and the online world.

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13 keys to a good panel

I've been very lucky with panel discussions: I've never been on a dud. I hear the horror stories (and I've witnessed them from the audience): moderators who can't read the room, panelists who run way long and pitch their company relentlessly, and chemistry that just doesn't work.

Monica, Linda, Rob, Rebecca, Warren

CMA Word of Mouth Marketing Conference: From Mass to Grass

2 p.m. panel session:
Does marketing work in Social Media and Virtual Worlds?


  • Michael Seaton, Director, Digital Marketing, Scotiabank


  • Rob Cottingham, President, Social Signal
  • David Jones, Senior Vice-President, Fleishman-Hillard Toronto
  • Steve Osgoode, Digital Marketing & Business Development, HarperCollins Canada

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