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Reflected glory or borrowed relevance?

Forrester, Social Signal on finding online passion for your brand

Mirror ball

Unless your customers care so passionately about your brand or product that they pay for the privilege of wearing your logo, they probably don't care enough to be part of an online conversation about your brand. If you're anybody other than Apple, Nike or Coke, you're probably going to need some other basis for convening a conversation that connects you to your customers.

That's the insight at the heart of a blog post I published last week on Harvard Business Online.

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Today in the Globe & Mail: Alex & Rob on Reflected Glory Marketing

Today in the Globe & Mail, TBWA President Andrea Southcott features our tips for reflected glory marketing. As Andrea puts it:

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Wrap your brand in reflected glory

How focusing on your community's needs leads to success for your brand

Someone needs to tell the folks at Glad: Unless your customers pay for the privilege of wearing your logo, don't build an online community around your brand. That's rule #1 in marketing with social media -- and reason #1 for instead taking an approach we call reflected glory marketing. In reflected glory marketing you create a web site that resonates with your brand, but focuses on something your customer cares passionately about.

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