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Nora Young on what our virtual selves are building

Nora Young / The Virtual Self

As we Like, tweet, post, pin and share our way through our daily lives, we're adding to a staggering repository of information. Exactly what are we creating – and do we have a choice in how it's used?

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Social Speech Podcast, Episode 4: David Eaves

Social Speech - David Eaves

From the moment I thought up the Social Speech Podcast, David Eaves was at the top of my list of people I wanted to talk to. He's a good friend, and a provocative thinker and writer on some of the issues that matter to me most – like the open web and open government.

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Three handy tools for engaging on Google+

If you've had the same experience of Google+ that I have, then you're probably loving the more expansive conversational room, the in-context shared content, the simplicity of Circles, the immediacy of Hangouts.

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Google Circles is great. But I'm waiting for Google Venn Diagrams.

If you’ve managed to sprint inside of Google+ during one of those brief periods when the front door has been left ajar, then the first thing you’ve seen has been Google Circles. It allows you to organize your contacts into lists, based on how you know them, how much you trust them, whether you consider them cool, how you want to communicate with them… whatever criteria you want.

It’s a great feature, done in an appealing way. But it only goes so far.

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Everything I needed to know about social networking, I learned from my mom

When my mother died in early 2004, Friendster was the domain of the young'uns, MySpace was barely out the door and Facebook was still a month from launching.

But for someone who never saw used the word "friend" as a verb in her life, JoAnne Cottingham taught me an awful lot about social networking.

We are all in the witness protection program now

We are all in the witness protection program now

(man in a disguise, at a coffee shop) I tried to delete one of my social network profiles, then I realized it would be easier to just fake my own death and assume a new identity.

The new royalty

The new royalty

(one person to a friend dressed in royal robes, sitting on a throne) Dude, remember how you said passing the 100,000-follower mark wouldn't change you..?

This user has been suspended

This user has been suspended

(prisoner hanging in dungeon) Please - just tell me what part of the user agreement I broke, and I'll stop doing it!!

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We see you when you're sleeping. We know when you're awake.

Little disclosures can add up to big exposures

Surveillance cameras

Social media culture is all about transparency: tell the world about your last meal, your current location, your relationships, your likes and dislikes, your hopes and dreams. (So far, to the best of my knowledge, there's no social network devoted to sharing recent digestive updates. No, I'm not going to go Googling for it.)

But at least you're conscious of what information you're choosing to share and with whom... right?

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