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Online collaboration for your right brain, part 2: MindMeister at Social Signal

Click here to read part 1, an introduction to digital mind mapping.

MindMeister works a lot like MindManager, with the features I've come to see as essential for a good mind-mapping experience:

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Online collaboration for your right brain, part 1: an introduction to digital mind mapping

Most online collaboration tools engage your left brain: that part of you that likes structure and organization, and supports linear, sequential thinking. Think of Basecamp, with its careful system of tasks and milestones. Or Google spreadsheets (I have dozens of them!) organizing everything from budgets to menus in neat, orderly rows and columns. Even wikis seem to work most effectively when they are gardened into a coherent structure, with some kind of intentional hierarchy of information.

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Project management and workflow with Basecamp

How can online collaboration tools like Basecamp support effective project management? That's one of the questions that came up at the values-based project management session I attended at Web of Change, led by Rob Purdie of Important Projects.

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Skitch: suddenly, screenshots are simpler

Funny thing – I was just thinking yesterday how unnecessarily complex it is to illustrate one of these posts with a screenshot, especially a cropped and annotated one.

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Falling for Facebook

How social networks (especially Facebook) bring value to your online outreach

I'm besotted with Facebook. I can see it becoming the primary way that I -- and many other people -- interact online. So if you aren't on Facebook already, join now. Now.

Still here? Don't tell me, you need actual reasons to join. Fine, here goes:

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Lijit: a social web search widget

I've just installed a nifty new widget on my personal blog. Called the Lijit, it uses Google to allow users to search my blog. Not a huge deal, you say? True enough.

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Tracking tasks with Remember The Milk: Dairy delight or lactose intolerance?

(Aaron and I prepared this review together. He's responsible for the first half or so, plus the roundup; I'm mainly to blame for the milk-related puns. –Rob)

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Monster mashup: get the latest on the programmable Web

One of the most powerful aspects of the new web (some people say it's the defining aspect) is how so many web sites are actually applications that can share data with each other. One simple example is a blog, which can share its content with other blogs or with news aggregators.

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A directory of the best in Web 2.0 applications

There's a lot of innovation going on in the new web right now, with ground-breaking applications coming from individual developers as well as big, well-funded companies. It seems like every day, there's a new service out there giving you a new way to collaborate, create, tag or remix.

Keeping track of it all – or even knowing where to start looking for a particular kind of service – has been a daunting challenge... until now.

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This is your brain in binary

Organizing notes with VoodooPad

As part of my ongoing quest to find a Mac counterpart to the Personal Brain (thanks to Jerry Michalski for ruining my life with his software demo) — and as part of my re-evaluation of all my productivity apps in the wake of my Treo purchase — I have been playing with a bunch of new tools.

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