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Plane and simple

7 innovations that make travel easier


A few months ago I wrote a blog post for Harvard Business Online about social media tools that can make business travel more effective – and thus, more infrequent. Ironically, I’ve done a lot more travel in the months since I wrote that post, since my kids are finally at an age where I can travel without (knock on wood! knock on wood!) everybody coming down with the latest virus.

Inspired by YVR's U.S. departure lounge

Inspired by YVR's U.S. departure lounge

(a map showing the inconvenient layout of a typical airport)

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Travel by cloud

Social media tips for business travel, today in Harvard Business online

Harvard Business

My business travel begins long before I get on the plane. By making the most of social networking and other social media tools, I get the most out of each business trip -- finding new business opportunities, learning from new people, and building my network.

Today, Harvard Business online has published my top tips for using social media to get the most out of business travel.

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Bedtime with Rob and Alex ep. 4: the long-distance episode

Okay, so Alex is in Oberlin, Ohio while Rob holds down the fort in Vancouver, BC. You think we're going to let a little thing like 3,300 kilometres of distance keep us from our just-before-sleep banter?

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