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Convert Twitter lists to RSS feeds with one click

Twitter's relatively new Lists feature can be a handy way of teasing a melody out of the cacophony of incoming tweets, as well as compiling a collection of worthwhile voices on a particular subject.

Better use two hashes, just to make sure

Better use two hashes, just to make sure

Surely the most sophisticated communications network in human history can resolve this environmental catastrophe - HEY! How about a HASHTAG?!



(woman to an Israeli and a Palestinian negotiator) So it's agreed: a two-state solution, an immediate cessation of hostilities, and you'll both #followfriday each other.

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Twitter is now an URLy bird

Twitter search gets a little more powerful

We missed this last week when ReadWriteWeb reported it, but maybe you did, too. So here's something we've just discovered.

The new royalty

The new royalty

(one person to a friend dressed in royal robes, sitting on a throne) Dude, remember how you said passing the 100,000-follower mark wouldn't change you..?

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Better living through clicking

Northern Voice: Alexandra Samuel on coping with social media

Setting aside my bias (like I could actually do that), I think Alex rocked this talk - and the audience did too. Check out the Twitter stream.

Here are my notes on how Alex uses social media to cope (as opposed to coping with the stress of social media!):

Notes from Alexandra Samuel's talk on coping with social media

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Blog that tweet!

New Twitter feature lets you embed tweets in your blog posts with original formatting

Updated: Thanks to Mitch Cohen for this comment pointing to a one-click bookmarklet - even easier!

Beating a hasty retweet

Beating a hasty retweet

(brainstorming meeting member) Hey, how about we hold a contest where people retweet our message repeatedly, and whoever loses the most friends wins?

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We see you when you're sleeping. We know when you're awake.

Little disclosures can add up to big exposures

Surveillance cameras

Social media culture is all about transparency: tell the world about your last meal, your current location, your relationships, your likes and dislikes, your hopes and dreams. (So far, to the best of my knowledge, there's no social network devoted to sharing recent digestive updates. No, I'm not going to go Googling for it.)

But at least you're conscious of what information you're choosing to share and with whom... right?

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Coming to Twestival Vancouver?

Tickets on sale for March 25 Twestival: Twitter-organized fundraising in hundreds of cities

Twestival - the Twitter-organized fundraising evening that happens the same evening in hundreds of cities worldwide - is coming again to Vancouver, this time in support of Concern Worldwide. And Rob will be there once again, doing standup comedy about social media.

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Work Smarter with Evernote

Get more out of Evernote with Alexandra Samuel's great new ebook, the first in the Harvard Business Press Work Smarter with Social Media series!

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