If kids had APIs, this would be SO much easier

If kids had APIs, this would be SO much easier

(parent, with mobile device, to child who is watching) And that's called a "tweet". Once you learn to do that, Daddy can re-engage with your development.

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Do you wag your hand at me?

Five ways to say goodbye to scolding tweets

Finger pointing

Twitter is home to many recurrent motifs, but one of the most reliable is the mass finger wag. Unlike the single finger wag, which takes aim at a specific individual or company ("Airline X lost my luggage!" "So tired of @username's whining!"), the mass finger-wag -- let's call it the hand-wag -- tackles an entire category of twitter users, an entire genre of twitter usage, or a swath of the offline population. Tweets like:

Not another Snow Leopard tweet! We've heard enough about your OS upgrade for one night.

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It's 10 o'clock. Do you know where your reputation is?

Know the people doing your social media marketing - and their methods and ethics

Cartoon: Can I deceive people passionately, transparently and openly?

It can happen so quickly: a few misplaced tweets, an ill-considered blog post, and suddenly an organization is at the center of an online firestorm. They're called spammers and liars, and tagged with the Hashtag o' Doom, #FAIL. And the worst thing of all is they had no idea what was happening.

Where, oh where, did it all go so wrong?

Probably somewhere around the moment they decided to outsource their social media marketing.

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The slipper

How to make sense of Twitter follows and unfollows

The Slipper

A couple of weeks ago I wrote my most hypocritical tweet ever:

Follows are not love. You are as lovable with 5 followers as with 50,000. You are not your Twitter feed.

Not with a bang, but a Twitter

Not with a bang, but a Twitter

(one survivor to another against a backdrop of post-apocalyptic destruction) I don't know how much longer we can withstand this Twitter outage.

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Time is money

Just because there's no price tag doesn't make you aren't paying for it

Hourglass: time is money

It happened again today. Every time an online service like Twitter or Facebook hits a roadbump, or stops working altogether, there's an outcry of protest from its users. Then, just as quickly, comes the backlash: "How dare you complain about a FREE service?"

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Law and Order: Social Victims Unit

Some Twitter "crimes" are anything but

Twitter jailbird 2

Twitter's no different than any other hot social-thing-of-the-moment: if you're just getting into it, you'll find lots of people out there with advice on how to use it (including us).

Kindly pee into this cup and hand over your login and password

Kindly pee into this cup and hand over your login and password

(boss to employee) Your work here has been flawless. But unless you start following people back on Twitter, your days at this company are numbered.

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Dare to be weak

When it comes to engagement, social media is the art of the possible

Running from social networks

I can't believe it!! Your organization isn't on Twitter? You don't have a Facebook page with discussion groups and a wall? You're not on MySpace, Bebo and FriendFeed?! OMFG, that's so weak! What are you thinking?!

Well, maybe you're thinking, "We don't have a large organization, and we have very few resources." Maybe you're thinking, "Some platforms make it easier to manage conversations than others." And maybe you're thinking, "I'm going to put our limited resources and finite attention where they'll do the most good."

You know what? Good for you.

I'm in ur ballot box, rigging ur results

I'm in ur ballot box, rigging ur results

(Iranian government official) See, Twitter's a problem, but it's manageable. Where we're totally having our our asses handed to us is with the LOLcats.

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