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3 great options for Twitter and delicious integration


With the increasing attention I've been giving our Social Signal Twitter account, I've found myself in a bit of dilemma. Tweeting web links is one of the simplest and most effective ways to offer regular, useful info of value to your followers. But the links that would be most useful to SoSi followers are the very links I need to keep track of myself -- for which I rely on delicious.

In principle, there are lots of ways I could integrate the two services. But I have several criteria:

He probably live-tweeted the conception, too

He probably live-tweeted the conception, too

(man reading mobile phone while a woman gives birth) Check it out, honey! Twitter 'replies' now include 'mentions'!

Come together

Come together

A group of people drinking and chatting, labelled 'Tweetup'; a pair of people exchanging business cards, labelled 'LinkedIn-up'

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I will follow

3 steps to jumpstart your corporate Twitter account by moving friends and followers from other accounts

Twitter _ Home.png

Updated: the third step isn't working at the moment, because that service has closed its doors for a while. We'll let you know if that changes.

If you've launched a Twitter account for a company or project, you've faced the same problem we've got here at Social Signal: how do I translate all the follows and followers on my individual account into a set of follows and followers on our Social Signal account?

There's no way to move my followers to @socialsignal, except by renaming my @awsamuel account, and then what would I use to twitter personally? What I can do is get Social Signal to follow the same people I'm following personally; that will give me an easy way to get into a conversation with my new @socialsignal hat on, and encourage them to follow our @socialsignal account too.

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How much social media can $200 buy?

14 tips for Twitter contests that build followers and brand visibility

Twitscoop on Threadless

Today, we're launching Social Signal's first Twitter contest, inspired by another great contest that ran today on Twitter.

Twitscoop is a service that tracks the hottest topics on Twitter. This morning, one topic jumped out as the super-hot discussion of the morning: 200k.  It turns out that hipster T-shirt company threadless had made the following offer:

@threadless In celebration of passing 200k followers, we're giving away $200 in GC today! RT this to be eligible to win 1 of 8 $25 GCs

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6 essential social media tools for your business or organization


If you're asking how social media can help your business or organization, you should start by answering four questions that will give you a strategic framework for decision-making.

But if you're itching to get a handle on this social media thing, and want to open your eyes and ears, there are a few tools we recommend as assets to virtually any organization. I've listed these in the order I'd recommend adopting each one.

How can Twitter fuel our marketing and growth?

Twitter is the hottest social network of 2009. At first glance, it's a very limited platform: you make a list of people you want to follow (think of these as your buddies or friends), and post updates of no more than 140 characters to let your followers know what you're doing or thinking about. You can also use Twitter to send direct, private messages to people who are following you (a lot like a chat or SMS message), and you can choose who gets to see your updates....and that's about the extent of Twitter's core features.

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Your brand in 140 characters

17 tips for using Twitter to grow your business

"Take me now, you magnificent beast" is well under the limit

In 2008, companies woke up to the power of Facebook as a way of engaging customers, building brand, and selling their products or services.  Today, the hottest new marketing tool is Twitter: a social network that consists entirely of people exchanging 140-character messages with their friends, family and colleagues.

Just like black-and-white photography can reveal depths you’ll never see in colour, the short length of a Twitter message encourages new levels of creativity and effectiveness in marketing.

Don’t believe me?  Here are my top tips on getting started with Twitter…and each is 140 characters or less.


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You could be the lucky winner

Using online contests as a marketing tool


Asked on LinkedIn:
In an earlier question regarding promotional ideas to promote our community classes, it was suggested that we offer a free sign language course (value $195) to someone in need; maybe a family member, spouse, or other individual who wants to learn this valuable and important language. We like the idea of this type of promotion, but not sure how to structure this offer and create criteria so that the selection of winner is fair. We plan to send a press release to announce this free offer. Do you have any ideas on how-to set the criteria, and/or any lessons learned offering a similar promotion?

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5 reasons to send Direct Messages on Twitter


Asked on LinkedIn: Why do you send a Direct Message on Twitter?

Here are five reasons to send a direct message on Twitter:

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