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A little birdie told me

Twitter monitoring to strengthen your team

Twitter love

Last weekend I added a search on "@robcottingham" to TweetDeck so that I could track the comments on Rob's Northern Voice keynote. (BTW, if you aren't using TweetDeck to keep track of your Twitter pals, I highly recommend it; like many people I know, Tweetdeck has transformed Twitter from being a tool I use occasionally to a vital part of my workflow and community.)

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Teh Twitter backchannel

Rob's Northern Voice keynote

Rob Cottingham is Teh Funny

If you've ever wondered whether social media is funny, check out the reaction to Rob's Teh Funny Northern Voice keynote. The Twitter backchannel is reprinted in text below.

These tweets are in chronological order, so you can follow the thread of the conversation. In related news, we'd love to hear of a Twitter search tool that lets you sort results in chronological order; flipping the order from the reverse chronological results given by Twitter's own search was quite a chore.

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Pew: One in 10 online Americans using Twitter or something like it


It's hard to say which is the more interesting finding in the latest Pew report on what Americans are up to online: the fact that one in 10 online Americans say they use Twitter, Yammer or a similar status-update application... or the fact that adoption declines so sharply with age:

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In praise of uncertainty (I think)

I recently had an email exchange with a few colleagues, sparked by a news columnist's disdain for how two local public figures are using Twitter. And Darren Barefoot, after offering some solid advice, weighed in with this:

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Session Picks for Northern Voice 2009

February in Vancouver means that the Vancouver blogging event of the year, Northern Voice, is just around the corner, happening on Friday, February 20 and Saturday, February 21st at the UBC Forestry Sciences Centre.

Til death (or 140 characters) do you part

Til death (or 140 characters) do you part

(minister at a wedding ceremony, while the bride and groom type on their mobile devices) We will now pause while the bride and groom share their vows with their tweeps.

Why can't I qwit you?

Why can't I qwit you?(Late at night, a man on the doorstep of a woman's house. The woman has just been awakened.) Hi! We've never met, but I noticed a few hours ago that you stopped following me on Twitter. Mind if I ask you why?
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Status update: Twittering your way to effective (and expressive) communication

Today I took a giant leap forward in my update-ability. (If date-ability refers to your in-person hotness, update-ability speaks to your hotness in the social media pressure cooker of Twitter, Facebook, Jaiku etc.) If I'm going to be entirely honest, my virtual hotness has been severely limited by my relatively infrequent Twitterings. Not only do I eat, change my musical selection and go to the bathroom without posting the minute-by-minute update, but I even sometimes have actually vaguely interesting thoughts that pass through my head without being captured in my conversation stream.

For legal aid, press 1. For tech support, press 2.

For legal aid, press 1. For tech support, press 2.(lawyer to accused) To quote further from people's exhibit A, your Twitter feed: '@holdupguy I'm in the getaway vehicle with the money and hostages. Where R U?'

"Take me now, you magnificent beast" is well under the limit

"Take me now, you magnificent beast" is well under the limit(man to his date at a restaurant) I'm so glad you agreed to meet in person. There are some things that just can't be said in 140 characters.

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