Short and sweet

Short and sweet(one person at a laptop, explaining to another person '...And you send your friends a status update exactly one character long.') Caption: Microblogging jumps the shark


Vigil(participant in a candlelit vigil in front of a computer, to an onlooker) Twitter's down.

Bedtime with Twitter

Ep. 19: the all-a-twitter episode

Twitter and its microblogging siblings let you follow a stream of one-line updates from your friends. It's pretty much the shortest form of social media out there... but that doesn't stop us from going on at length about it.  And we came up with five questions about Twitter:

Fee, fie, fo, fitter...

Fee, fie, fo, fitter...(person walking down the street, reading text off a mobile phone, oblivious to the giant hand about to close around him) Text: Henrietta44 is now following you on Twitter. Blue Mike is now following you on Twitter.
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Change status: Facebooking and Twittering for a new world

Would you be a more effective agent for social, economic or political change if you could see the progress we're all making as a movement?

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Twittering to myself

Twitter seems to be the new addictive social networking app on the block. (For those new to the phenom, it's a site that lets you tell your friends what you are doing RIGHT NOW, and to see what they're doing, too.) But I haven't been able to get into the addiction cycle, because I don't have any friends. :(

Why? Because unlike other social networks -- Facebook, LinkedIn and Friendster spring to mind -- Twitter doesn't provide a way to mine your address book for fellow Twitter-ers. As far as I can tell, if I upload my address book to Twitter, EVERYONE gets an invitation to be my Twitter buddy, whether they're Twittering or not. I can see how this helps to spread Twitter, but since I don't want to annoy my entire contact list with invitations to all the social networks I check out, it makes it very hard to get up and running on Twitter.

So consider this a triple request:

  1. If you're using Twitter, ping me or add me to your friends list.
  2. If there IS a way to make Twitter scan my contact list for fellow Twitterers, please let me know.
  3. Twitter, if there ISN'T a way to scan my contact list for fellow Twitterers, could you add it? Or could you at least allow me to scan my buddies on other social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook -- not just LiveJournal, which is the only one you currently connect to?

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