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How to get your Wikipedia entry changed... without breaking the rules

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It's come up three or four times at workshops I've conducted in the past few weeks: people who work for organizations with an entry in Wikipedia, wondering whether and how they can edit it - if, for instance, misinformation creeps in. (I'm assuming you're not trying to sanitize your entry.

Revert... with extreme prejudice

Revert... with extreme prejudice(military officer showing his medals to a child) And this one is for covertly editing my country's Wikipedia entry.
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(Man in bed, saying to sleeping companion) Sleep?! How can I sleep knowing someone could be editing my Wikipedia entry RIGHT NOW?!
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Does your organization have a Wikipedia entry? Start monitoring it now.

If your organization is listed in Wikipedia, the community-edited online encyclopedia, congratulations. Quite apart from the virtues of collaborative editing, Wikipedia entries often rank at or near the top of Google search results.

Now break open your RSS aggregator. You're going to want to add a new subscription immediately... because nearly anybody could be editing your entry.

Here's what you do: navigate to your Wikipedia page. (Here's a shot from the entry about Wikipedia itself.)

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