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Toolbar and internal linking make WordPress upgrade compelling

WordPress logo

If your site uses WordPress software (as opposed to the hosted WordPress.com site), then you may have heard about the latest upgrade, released just today.

Version 3.1 offers the usual range of improvements - faster this, debugged that, more secure the other - but at first glance, two new features stand out from the pack.

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Use WordPress.com or Gravatars? You'll want to fill out your profile - now

If you're a WordPress.com user, you've come across Gravatars before. They're the avatar, or user image, associated with your account, and they show up next to your comments - not just on your own blog, but on any WordPress.com blog... and on any other blog or forum that has Gravatars enabled. (The word is short for "globally recognized avatar", and there are plugins available for Drupal, Moveable Type and even the venerable GeekLog.)

We'll wipe out any remaining resistance with Dicewars

We'll wipe out any remaining resistance with Dicewars

(one alien to another) Ingenious! We give the humans a WordPress theme that users can tweak as much as possible, and within a week they'll be dead of sleep deprivation!

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6 essential social media tools for your business or organization


If you're asking how social media can help your business or organization, you should start by answering four questions that will give you a strategic framework for decision-making.

But if you're itching to get a handle on this social media thing, and want to open your eyes and ears, there are a few tools we recommend as assets to virtually any organization. I've listed these in the order I'd recommend adopting each one.

Design and development

We draw on our international network of world-class design and development partners, all of whom specialize in social web projects, to deliver compelling community platforms for thriving conversation.

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Work Smarter with Evernote

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