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The Art of Social Media starts Jan. 17 at Emily Carr University

Heads up, Vancouverites: next week, my workshop The Art of Social Media begins its six-week run Monday evenings at Emily Carr University of Art and Design:

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Join us at OSCON - and catch the session on Open SoSi!

Later this month, we're packing up the tents, band instruments and trapezes, and taking the show down south to Portland, Oregon for a week to attend OSCON 2010.

I'll be cartoon-blogging the event - and Alex and I will be presenting a session on our Open SoSi initiative, the ongoing process of open-sourcing our intellectual property. It's Wednesday, July 21 at 4:30 in the afternoon, and we'd love to see you there.

Social media speaking and training

Whether you’re looking for a social media speaker for an upcoming conference or seeking guidance for an in-house team, Social Signal has the expertise you need. Our services include:

  • keynote and conference presentations on the social and business implications of social media, and on social media best practices
  • social media training to help your team understand the value, possibilities and risks of online community engagement
  • participation workshops that build community management capacity
  • blogging workshops that cultivate an effective niche, authentic voice and sustainable workflow

Here are some of the places you may have seen Alex and Rob speak:

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Make your work support your life's goals: Jeff Balin workshop on Saturday

Considering how much of our time we spend at work, it's shocking how many people feel they aren't just in the wrong job, but the wrong career. They're talented, passionate people, but they aren't finding real meaning in their work.

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Social Tech Training: Toronto, June 22-24

SocialTech Training

For a lot of organizations, grasping the potential of social media is a big step... but actually implementing it is even bigger. How do you bridge the chasm between "You know what we should do?" and "So how do we do it?"

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Talking about crisis communication at Northern Voice

I'll be speaking about crisis communications and the social web on Saturday at Northern Voice, the kick-ass Vancouver-based blogging conference now in its fourth year:

Imagine a situation where all eyes are on you or your organization, and you need to communicate quickly, clearly and effectively... probably under severe stress, with a lot more noise than signal out there.

It's called crisis communications. And whether it's something as serious and far-reaching as a natural disaster, or as personal as the arrival of a newborn, you'll want to be prepared.

Discover how organizations large and small use social media to keep the lines of communications open when it matters the most. Learn how to use blogs to correct misinformation and get your message out. And find out why you need to build relationships and networks now... before you need to use them.

Moderating the event is the one and only James Sherrett. Come on, come all - I've had a blast speaking at Northern Voice in the past... even when I had to loop in a fellow panelist by holding a cell phone up to the microphone.

We're proud to sponsor NV again this year; the inaugural conference, back in 2005, helped to spur the birth of Social Signal.

If you're interested in Web 2.0, blogging, podcasting, online video, virtual worlds, social networks, photo sharing and the like, you won't want to miss it. And if you're a beginner who wants to get your feet wet, then Friday's Internet boot camp is an absolute must.

See you there! 

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Join Kris Krug and me for "Social Media: A New Way to Market?" - Jan. 28 in Vancouver

I've never really had a chance to share a stage with the multi- poly- omni-talented Kris Krug... so I'm doubly excited about a talk I'll be giving on Monday night for the High Tech Communicators Exchange:

Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, MySpace … what does the social media revolution mean to marketers and communicators? How is it redefining how we communicate, connect, network and build relationships with customers, stakeholders and even employees? How are companies using social media to increase visibility and build awareness? What are the risks and pitfalls of using social media? And what’s coming next?

The January 28th High Tech Communicators Exchange will start the discussion on how best to navigate this brave new world as part of our business strategy. Local social media guru Kris Krug, President of Raincity Studios will share insights into how social media is evolving, changing the rules and empowering people. You’ll also hear from Rob Cottingham, President of Social Signal how his company has helped companies like Vancity ( and BC Hydro make the most of digital technologies.

A quick word about the Exchange: it's been a labour of love for Catherine Ducharme since 2001, and now serves more than 380 communicators, PR professionals and marketers in Vancouver's high-tech sector.

Which brings me to a post I've wanted to write for a while.

I've been thinking a lot lately about the immense service provided by the world's convenors – the folks who devote time and energy to bringing people together on common ground. Just in our area, there are people like Catherine, our friends Jason Mogus, Sarah Pullman and Jodie Tonita with Web of Change (plus Phillip Smith by remote control from Toronto)...

...the Northern Voice blogging conference team (Darren Barefoot, Kris Krug, Brian Lamb, Cyprien Lomas, Boris Mann, Dale McGladdery, Lori Pike, James Sherrett, Travis Smith, Julie Szabo, Roland Tanglao and Lauren Wood)...

and Gerald Bauer who pulls together our local Facebook Developers Garage (coincidentally, also happening Monday night – wish I could be in both places!).

There are many more... and just those few individuals, and the

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