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Hollyhock Leadership Institute / Social Change Institute

Hollyhock Leadership Institute logoEvery year, thousands of people from around the world make the trek to Cortes Island’s idyllic Hollyhock retreat centre. (If you haven’t had an opportunity to a

Center for Leadership Initiatives

The Center for Leadership Inititatives (CLI) is the recently-launched operating foundation created by American philanthropist Lynn Schusterman. CLI runs a range of programs around the world for leaders in the Jewish community, focusing on leadership development, professional growth and promotion of managerial excellence.

CLI's Director of Programs, Yonatan Gordis, has retained Social Signal to scope out the possibilities for an online community to support CLI's remarkable community of current and emerging leaders. People call Yoni an "organizational rabbi", and it's not hard to see why; he brings a level of commitment and insight to the growth and development of the organizations he serves that we've found inspiring. He combines a truly visionary appreciation for Web 2.0 community with a clear-eyed recognition of its limitations. And we love the way CLI is willing to take innovative, creative approaches to develop the next generation of Jewish community leaders - while maintaining a practical focus on real-world results. If CLI's online platform proves to be even half as successful as some of the fabulous Jewish community success stories that Yoni has shared with us over coffee in a variety of Vancouver locations, we'll know we've performed a true service.

Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN)


The Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN) works with the families of people with disabilities to help them plan for a safe, secure future. PLAN is a remarkable organization in a number of ways: its innovative model of community support for people with disabilities; its unparalleled level of independence from government funding, thanks to its emphasis on social enterprise and self-sustenance; the emphasis on capacity-building through the PLAN Institute; and the ambition of its leaders, Vickie Cammack and Al Etmanski. Their vision goes beyond simply serving their clients’ needs, to enabling a societal transformation and the recognition of the unique contributions of people with disabilities.

Vancity and

We loved working with Vancity from the minute they invited us to suggest a concept for a site to complement the brilliant Change Everything marketing campaign developed by award-winning ad firm TBWA. Vancity, Canada’s largest credit union, had no trouble translating its community-oriented attitude onto the terrain of the web. How could we not love a company that cared at least as much about the community impact of its site as it did about its marketing value?

International Development Research Centre (IDRC) is a five-year initiative aimed at helping telecentre networks – regional networks that support on-the-ground community technology centres – work more effectively together. By allowing those networks to pool knowledge and support, improves their ability to help telecentres – which can then do a better job of helping people. Jointly funded by Canada’s International Development Research Centre, Microsoft, and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, the project will invest C$21 million over five years to strengthen the capacity of the global telecentre movement.

TechSoup / CompuMentor

Net2 - share build collaborate

If you want to see how technology is transforming the non-profit sector, start by looking at TechSoup, a project of CompuMentor. This non-profit organization provides technology resources to more than 80,000 non-profit organizations across the United States and Canada. Their NetSquared project aims to dramatically expand the strategic technology capacity of these organizations by engaging them in a series of online community activities, culminating in an annual conference.

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