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The Social Signal team

Meet the people at the heart of Social Signal: experienced, creative, highly-skilled and dedicated to the transformative possibilities of the social web.

While we're at it, let us introduce you to our advisory board: some of the sharpest, most visionary minds in the fields of public participation, social change, business and technology. And don't miss our partners: technology specialists whose skills never fail to bowl us over... and delight our clients.

Rob Cottingham, Principal

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rob [at] socialsignal.com
For more than a decade, Rob has helped organizations make the most of digital technologies to achieve their goals.

Alexandra Samuel, Principal

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alex [at] socialsignal.com

From her doctoral research at Harvard into hacktivism (politically-motivated computer hacking) to serving as the research director for a consortium of 20 governments and businesses from around the world, Alex has developed an extensive understanding of both the technologies and practices that foster meaningful online participation.

Morgan Brayton, Operations Manager & Executive Assistant

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morgan [at] socialsignal.com

Morgan Brayton's unique background makes her perfect for running the back end at Social Signal: keeping track of meetings, schedules, finances and all the other key parts of our complex content management system.

David Eaves, Member, Social Signal advisory board

David Eaves's picture
Negotiation expert and member of Social Signal's advisory board

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