Noise to Signal

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Congratulations, lakes and!

Thanks to everyone who suggested their favourite cartoons!

A week ago, I asked if you'd lend me a hand choosing which cartoons I should start with as I begin offering limited-edition prints... and you responded with dozens of suggestions.

Thanks so much - it isn't going to be easy to choose! But what was easy was picking a name at random... and lakes, of the Chilean tech blog, will be getting his pick as a snazzy print. (Kind of cool to send the very first one off the continent!)

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Help me choose Noise to Signal limited-edition prints (and win a print for yourself)!

Ever since I started drawing Noise to Signal, people have asked me if it's possible to get a print. I've finally gotten around to looking into that question - and lo and behold, making prints turns out to be perfectly feasible.

So I'm going to start selling prints of Noise to Signal cartoons. And I'd like to do it in two ways.

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The Longest Commute

How I overcame distance, built trust and landed a job with social media

Warsaw to Vancouve map

First, you should know this:  although I love the Internet, I would never ever move over 9,000 kilometers to be with some guy I’d just met online. We can agree that’s obviously a crazy thing to do. Right?

So when I tell you that I just moved here from Poland to work for Social Signal, and that I did it on the basis of an interview process conducted entirely over the Internet – yes, I shut up my Warsaw apartment, yes, I uprooted my husband, yes, actually, I did move here with all my stuff in a few backpacks before I even shook hands with Alex – I can appreciate why you look a little bug-eyed.

Feeling your pain

Feeling your pain(staffer in Motrin's social media monitoring department) God, I need an Advil.

The real reason for the economic meltdown

The real reason for the economic meltdown(Chairperson at a business meeting) The motion is carried. We will wind up operations, sell off the business and lay off our employees so we can all go home and watch the shiba inu puppy cam.

The cell-ing of the President

The cell-ing of the President(mother to disappointed daughter) No, kiddo, it's not an iPhone. But there would be plenty of kids - and at least one president-elect - who would be thrilled to get a Blackberry like that.

Conversely, conversations are markets

Conversely, conversations are markets(business reporter) Inbound links are down slightly against trackbacks, while comments edged up against Diggs in late-day trading.

Assets to assets...

Assets to assets...(grave marker with the epitaph, "He enhanced shareholder value")

Then again, there's a not-bad benefits package

Then again, there's a not-bad benefits package(workers entering office building; someone under a sign that reads 'CHECK YOUR CONSCIENCE HERE' is tearing out their hearts as they go by)

The meeting kind of went downhill from there...

The meeting kind of went downhill from there...(boss at boardroom table) Sometimes I think it would be cool if a virus wiped out humanity, and the Earth could start again with a clean slate. Then it occurs to me, Hey! I own a factory that could ma

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