Bedtime with Rob and Alex ep. 7: the gearhead episodePodcast: Online tools and gadgets that keep you current at work and at home

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Break out the propeller beanies: it's a gear-heavy episode this time. It starts with Rob talking about the swishy new voice recorder that will soon be replacing the combination of a 4th-generation iPod and Griffin iTalk. That'll mean much nicer sound... and the end of that hard-drive-spinning-up whine that we're guessing you won't miss at all.

But Alex quickly sees Rob's bet and raises him an iPhone.... specifically, her quest this evening for a task manager she can carry around on her new favourite-toy-EVVVer. We touch on Central Desktop, the solution of choice for organizing Barack Obama volunteers on Super Tuesday (hat tip to the excellent TechPresident site).

We tweak the folks at 37Signals' Highrise CRM application for lifting Alex's likeness for their web tour (or as she's now known in these parts, Suzanna Cavatrio, copywriter for Enormicon).

And we issue three demands from Apple: the long-awaited software development kit for genuine third-party apps on the iPhone; the official arrival of the iPhone in Canada (maybe we can blame Ted Rogers for the holdup); and an Apple Store in Vancouver.

Oh, and there's one last thing: the Fake Steve Jobs turtleneck.

Enjoy. We'd love to hear from you - just leave your comments below.


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