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In our seventeen years of working with businesses, NGOs, government leaders and media outlets, we’ve trained thousands of people on how to work smarter online—and helped their organizations build the tools and systems that enable and showcase that work.

Here are a few of our recent projects.





Podcast page for Waste No Potential

Putting a voice to
mission-driven business


Traction on Demand is a Salesforce juggernaut—and a B corp where values drive success. To share these core principles with a wider audience and show why Traction is a special place to work, Traction partnered with JAR Audio to create a new podcast, with Social Signal’s Alexandra Samuel as the host. Together, we’ve crafted episodes that tell the stories of remarkable humans (including Traction on Demand employees) who demonstrate why it’s so crucial to Waste No Potential.

MIT Transform Your Remote Work Experience

Training for

remote productivity


Social Signal’s Alexandra Samuel and her co-author, Robert C. Pozen, incubated their book Remote, Inc. in his MIT Sloan class on executive productivity. Alex is a recurring lecturer in this quarterly program, presenting on the key tactics for working effectively when you are remote or hybrid.

COVER: Twitter customter care in a 24/7 world

Delivering excellence in Twitter customer care


What does excellence in customer care look like on Twitter? Twitter and Sprinklr asked us to analyze a year’s worth of customer care interactions—that’s a half-billion tweets!—to tell the story of when and how workers for some of the world’s leading brands (along with some remarkably niche ones) excel at humanizing care.


Snapshot of report on highly engaged people

Picturing community engagement

The Vancouver Foundation

In the era of hybrid work, our neighbourhoods are also our workplaces—making community connection more important than ever. To communicate the key findings on community connection from a city-wide survey, the Vancouver Foundation turned to us to find the meaningful, attention-grabbing stories in their wealth of data.

Getting the Right Work Done toolkit

Tools for
Getting the Right Work Done


When the Harvard Business Review decided to create a toolkit to accompany the HBR Guide to Getting the Right Work Done, it turned to Social Signal. Alex developed a series of spreadsheets and step-by-step guides for workers, managers and leaders alike to implementing the book’s advice, including the advice that came from several chapters she authored.

Forbes World's Most Influential CMOS

Ranking the world’s top marketing leaders


Chief Marketing Officers not only drive campaigns and lead  marketing teams: In many organizations, they also manage the employer brand. All these dimensions are captured in Forbes’ data-driven ranking of The World’s Most Influential CMOs, created in partnership with the CXM leaders at Sprinklr.  For the past six years, Social Signal has led the data analysis, ranking and drafting process for this annual report, analyzing millions of data points and developing a rigorous methodology that illuminates key trends among marketing leaders.

Sharing is the new Buying infographic

Working in the

collaborative economy


Companies like Uber, Etsy and TaskRabbit have created new forms of employment and new pathways to entrepreneurship. To understand these new models of work and consumption, Crowd Companies’ Jeremiah Owyang worked with Alexandra Samuel and Vision Critical to survey more than 80,000 people across North America. They used that data to develop crucial insights into the collaborative economy, building on earlier Vision Critical studies to launch a report that garnered global attention.

data-driven projects for Northeastern

Documenting the changing workplace


To get a data-driven look at how workers cope with tech change, Northeastern University’s Experience magazine turn to Social Signal. From a look at messaging backlash to an original survey about remote worker attitudes in the early pandemic, our data-driven insights offer the university a powerful way to tell the story of a changing workplace.

Slides with headings "Aligning with strategy," "Speaking brief" and "Exercise: Chart your audience journey"

Training for communication in the new hybrid world


To help BC Housing’s new communications team navigate the challenges of speaking to online as well as in-person audiences, Social Signal developed and delivered a multi-session remote training program on executive communications. The intensively interactive series equipped employees with skills and first-hand experience in everything from analyzing audiences to maintaining online engagement.

skillshare screenshot

email overload


Email overload is now a common pain point for many workers. To offer them a solution, online training platform Skillshare commissioned a studio-produced course on email productivity from Social Signal. Work Smarter with Your Inbox is one of Skillshare’s featured courses on productivity, with more than 8,000 students to date.