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The incredible reaction to Open SoSi got me thinking about my proposed panel for SXSW, Are you smarter than a social media expert? As originally conceived, this panel asked:

Is there such a thing as a social media expert? What do they bring to the table? The experts will defend their titles (or admit their limitations) against challengers from the audience and the online world.

But our decision to open source Social Signal's intellectual property has made me rethink the stakes -- and the opportunity. This week, I've heard from folks who (like us) are eager to share their social media "secrets". So why not use that to see whether social media experts to live up to their own hype?

So I've amended my panel pitch as follows:

Is there such a thing as a social media expert? We'll ask experts to defend their titles (and admit their limitations) by open sourcing examples of their work, methodologies and deliverables. By the end of the session you'll have insights into how today's social media consultants make the magic happen, and we'll post a newly rich collection of repurpose-able social media strategy tools.

Are YOU ready to share your social media expertise -- not with the usual round-up of best practices or tips, but by sharing your core methodologies, business processes, or deliverable All that proprietary intellectual property that makes your agency, or your company's social media team, unique and valuable?

Then I want to hear from you. Please leave a comment on the SXSW panelpicker site (yes, you CAN still comment!) letting me know what you're ready to share.

And if you're not with a social media agency yourself, but you'd like to see social media consultants practice what they preach, then please leave a comment on the panelpicker to say you'd like to see this session at SXSW.


BrandonSch says

December 18, 2009 - 8:08am

Excellent post , You've really hit the
nail on the head, I just don't think that people quite get it.
I don't know how many people I've talked to about this very
thing in the past few days, and they just can't get it.

, Excellent post!

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