Customers throwing themselves at you? Might be nice to get their names.

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Well, that took long enough.

But at last, the Rogers Wireless home page is updated to at least hint at the biggest news they've had all year:

Rogers Wireless home page, with teaser for iPhone coming July 11

But it's still not linked to anything - which is kind of crazy.

To get a sense of the magnitude of Monday's iPhone announcement for Rogers, have a look at what it's done to traffic on their site:

Alexa graph showing steep rise on June 8 

That, friends, is a big bump - the kind you really ought to be prepared for if you know about it in advance. But even when it hits you by surprise, you should be ready to surf the wave.

Have some big news? Something people are salivating over, something they'll want to know more about the moment there's something to tell them? Even if you have no details at the moment, ask for their names and email addresses so you can talk to them later.

A list of thousands of qualified prospects must be worth the effort of putting together a form.

Or is there something I'm missing about Rogers' business model?

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