Make your work support your life's goals: Jeff Balin workshop on Saturday

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Considering how much of our time we spend at work, it's shocking how many people feel they aren't just in the wrong job, but the wrong career. They're talented, passionate people, but they aren't finding real meaning in their work.

Or maybe they have found meaning - but they're hungry for more.

If that sounds like you, and you live in the Vancouver area, you'll want to look into Jeff Balin's workshop this Saturday. Jeff's a leadership coach specializing in work alignment: helping "individuals, teams and organizations align personal and professional efforts to the deepest sense of who they are, bringing out their very best."

His work with us has been nothing short of invaluable and transformative over the past few years - which is doubly remarkable, because Jeff is also one of the most self-effacing people you'll ever work with.

And if money's an issue, there are scholarships available, so don't let the $195 fee keep you from checking this out.

Here are the details on the workshop:

Where:  Baldwin House, on the shores of Deer Lake, Burnaby

When: Saturday, June 21, 2008 - 9:30 am to 6:00 pm

Price:  $195 (price includes taxes, lunch and refreshments)

Info: 604.677.67434 or e-mail

And here's the longer explanation of what it's all about:

Aligning Our Work in the World to Our Deepest Aspirations

This one-day workshop will deepen your integration of professional efforts with the truest sense of who you are.  You will develop navigational tools that blend logical examination (thinking) and intuitive knowing (awareness) to bring greater guidance, purpose and meaning to your work in the world.

Designed as a framework of "permission," this workshop is as much about the content as it is about the support and discovery you will gain from a group of diverse participants committed to honest, heartfelt exploration around how we spend the majority of our waking life.

Is it for you?  This workshop will be highly beneficial if any of the following apply to you:

  • Not yet on the right professional tangent and can't seem to "get there"
  • Basically "getting by," but sense there is a deeper level of meaning to bring to your work
  • Have already found your calling and want to deepen your connection to it.

Main Themes:

  1. CENTERING into personal integrity (who we are)
  2. MOVING BEYOND personal pettiness (what holds us back)
  3. REACHING INSIDE for greatness (our deepest aspiration)
  4. MANIFESTING it in the "real world" (actions we must take)

Post-Workshop Support: To sustain momentum beyond the "excitement of the day," each participant also receives peer-to-peer support with an "Accountability Partner," a series of "Daily Practices" for two-weeks, and a 1-1 follow-up call with Jeff.

Click here to register.

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