Risk and social media: the podcast

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Three things:

  1. You can now listen to a podcast of the panel I was on at the "From Mass To Grass" Word of Mouth Marketing Conference in mid-April. You get to hear me mix it up with three very smart people: David Jones, Steve Osgoode and the panel's moderator, Michael Seaton. We talk about marketing, Web 2.0 and virtual worlds; between my co-panelists' expertise, Michael's moderating and the audience's questions, it was a great session.
  2. It's the featured item in an episode of Michael's excellent The Client Side marketing podcast. If you're active in marketing and the social web, you're going to want to subscribe – Michael's brilliant.
  3. Any chance I get to attend or take part in a panel moderated by Michael, I'm going to jump at. I've rarely been part of such a deftly animated conversation; he provided exactly the right amount of provocative questioning and insightful observation to make it (definitely) lively, (I hope) informative and (judging by the audience reaction) fun and engaging.


Michael Seaton says

May 3, 2007 - 11:14am
Rob, Thanks for the kind words. You guys made it really easy for me to moderate. David, Steve and yourself were the stars of the show. Michael

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