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Web 2.0 Valentine card

Valentine's Day 2007 may be over, but the love endures... especially the link love. We've had a ton of bloggers talking about our Web 2.0 Valentine, and thousands of people coming by to look.

We've been involved in memes that went viral, but never one of our very own. And interestingly, the number one name in meme propagation, Digg, had very little to do with it; a vastly more significant chunk of traffic came via StumbleUpon. Which suggests to me that, just as you can't reliably predict whether something will catch fire, you never know where it will happen, either.

One thing you can predict is that when the blogging world likes something, they're generous with their links. Here are the folks who turn up in a quick Technorati search (other than my personal blog and Catherine's), in more or less chronological order:

Thanks, all of you, for spreading the love. We hope you all were showered with candy hearts, bonbons and (organically-grown) roses.

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