Social Speech Podcast, Episode 1: Nancy White

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Nancy White - Social Speech

The social web has gone a long way toward changing what it means to be in the audience at a speech – making an audience member less a passive spectator listening to a monologue, and more an active participant in a conversation among peers.

And nobody does that quite like Nancy White – except she doesn't just rely on digital technology. She's one of the best group facilitators in the business, working all over the world with everyone from small community groups to Fortune 500 companies. You can see her approach at work in the March of Dimes' Share Your Story site, which several years on is still one of the examples we cite the most often of how online community can make a real different in people's lives.

So who better to kick off Episode 1 of the Social Speech podcast?

Nancy White

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Photo by kk+
Graphic: A quick sketch I did of Nancy at Northern Voice a few years ago



Dejong says

April 16, 2012 - 10:49am

This Social speech is great thing for develop our society and I think we should support in your work because you are doing a really very great work. Nancy white Social web becoming very important and I hope it can be change our social education system and I must say that you are doing a great job for our social society.

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