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How can I convince my boss to embrace openness and transparency? (signed, anonymous)

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Transparency is one of the biggest challenges in social media. It requires communicators to rethink what it means to "control" a message, and asks business leaders to rethink what it means to "own" a brand.

The only thing harder than being transparent is trying to keep things hidden when your customers, employees and competitors are posting all their knowledge and insights online. Social media has made transparency inevitable, essential and increadibly powerful. Embracing openness and transparency is your best path to success on the social web, because it allows you to have meaningful and authentic conversations with your key audiences.

But it isn't easy -- we know. We launched the Open SoSi project to challenge ourselves to live up to standards of openness that we advocate for our clients and recognize in our open source development partners. And as we move towards greater openness about our own knowledge and processes, we're returning to our own resources on the benefits and how-tos of transparency on the social web.

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Part nine of this 10-part series on getting more tangible value from your blog looks at how blogging can help your organization unleash just a little of the power of openness and transparency.

Change status: Facebooking and Twittering for a new world

Would you be a more effective agent for social, economic or political change if you could see the progress we're all making as a movement?

Corporations start to recognize importance of monitoring social media for impact to their business

One of the faster-growing areas of public relations these days is blog monitoring. The Web 2.0 equivalent of a clipping service, blog monitoring services scour the Internet's blogs for mentions of a client, client's competitor, or keywords suggesting an issue important to a competitor.

Know the people doing your social media marketing - and their methods and ethics

Bringing in an outside firm to help manage your social media presence can be a great idea. But unless you know who you're dealing with and what they're doing, you could be putting your reputation at serious risk.

LexPublica aims to bring open-source principles to the practice of law

In a few months, LexPublica will open its (virtual) doors... making standard legal documents like contracts and non-disclosure agreements free for the downloading. Should lawyers be embracing the site, or bracing themselves?

Risk and social media: the Canadian Marketing Association's Word of Mouth Marketing Conference

When you're charting new territory, risk is inevitable. But no matter how successful or unsuccessful each venture may be, it always leaves you with something valuable: knowledge.

Selectively filtering comments? You may not get away with it for long.

Hmm: that comment on your site isn't abusive, but it is sharply critical of your organization. How easy it would be to just reach over and click the "delete" link... and what a huge mistake.

Social Signal open sources its social media consulting practice

We're open sourcing our entire playbook so that we can help build skills, knowledge and capacity in the social media field as a whole.

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