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How can I stay on top of all the blogs and sites I'm supposed to read?

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We're waiting for a new web service that will turn the Internet off for one week out of every month, so that we all have a chance to catch up on our reading. But until that day comes, we have to dig into our box of technical and personal tricks to stay on top of all the content that comes pouring through the tubes every hour. Essential for the modern info-consumer: mastering the ways that RSS (Really Simple Syndication) can bring the content you need to you, where and when you need it. Just as essential: mastering the fear of missing out on essential information -- by recognizing that if it's really essential, you'll be able to find it.

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How to hack your tech to-do list

We commit to the latest version of our favourite word processor, or the contact management system our friend recommended, or the totally hot little smart phone, because they promise to make us more effective and more efficient. And along with the time saved, we get a whole new to-do list: Learn the software. Configure the software. Upgrade the software. Debug the software.

Make your nonprofit more effective with RSS aggregation

Here’s a quick take on three crucial ways that nonprofits can use RSS and aggregation to work more effectively: automatically populate websites with up-to-date content, create a media monitoring site, and choose a team tag.

Monster mashup: get the latest on the programmable Web

Many web sites are actually applications that can share data with each other. The natural outcome is the site that synthesizes data from two or more sources (usually, other sites): the mashup. Now you can check out the latest in mashups thanks to the Web 2.0 Mashup Matrix, compiled by the mashup-tracking site ProgrammableWeb.

Podcast: Tools and strategies for staying updated and afloat in your busy life

Listen to our discussion of how to keep up to date with the latest developments on- and offline.

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