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Podcast: Interview with ManyMoon CEO

Regular visitors to SocialSignal.com will know how obsessed Alex is with project and task management. So tonight, on A Very Special Bedtime with Rob and Alex, when we bring an outsider into bed* with us, it's Manymoon CEO Amit Kulkarni - here to talk with us about his collaborative task management web app.

Billed as the web's "first social productivity application", Manymoon grabbed Alex's attention last month. In this interview, she offers Amit some kudos as well as a few suggestions for improvements... and Amit offers a sneak peak at some upcoming features.

This is a long one by our standards... but if you haven't landed on a decent task management solution, chances are your anxiety is keeping you awake anyway. So why not tune in?



aparna Kulkarni says

February 20, 2009 - 11:58pm

That is a very good piece of software and it is very pleasant to use. Good luck and all the best wishes.

Good night Amit and everybody else in your team.

Google profiles Social Signal's project management says

December 10, 2009 - 2:10pm

[...] But we came remarkably close with a combination of project-management upstart Manymoon and Google Apps. (You may remember Manymoon from such blog posts as this one, and such podcast episodes as this one.) [...]

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