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Bookmark Devil readers, please enjoy this stolen post

Screen capture of our blog post about on

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Dealing with scrapers: when people steal your content

One of the great things about the social web is the culture of sharing that it fosters. One person writes a blog post; another quotes it, disagrees with some parts, corrects a passage or two, and adds some more information; a third synthesizes it all into a cool infographic. It's a little like the coolest potluck dinner in history.

But every great potluck dinner seems to attract the folks who have no intention of cooking a damn thing. They're there to gorge on as much Jell-o salad and chicken fingers as they can before someone notices they didn't bring any dishes themselves.

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At, blogging is an EPIC undertaking


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Toonblogging Northern Voice, day 2: Advertising

This morning's first session, led by AdHack's James Sherrett, was a lively discussion of the role that advertising has – or, maybe, doesn't have – in blogging.

James asking how else ads affect blogs; his T-shirt has spam ads on it

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Bedtime with Rob and Alex ep.3a

Last night's conversation started with a peculiar case of plagiarism: a romance writer's apparent lifting of entire passages from an article about the endangered black-footed ferret, originally penned for a group called Defenders of Wildlife.

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Nine (or ten) ways to stumble in social media

Last week's presentation at the Vancouver High-Tech Communicators' Exchange was a great time: a really engaged audience, provocative and challenging questions, and a razor-sharp co-presenter – mi amigo Kris Krüg. (Catch Dave Olson's amazingly thorough account here.) We took a look at marketing with social media, through the lens of some very successful efforts.

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Bedtime with Rob and Alex Ep. 2: Should you be live-blogging?

How to liveblog effectively without alienating your real-world audience

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The fine line

The fine line(A woman speaks to another woman, who has a crazed expression as she leans over her keyboard) Sweetie, remember how we talked about the fine line between 'passionate blogger' and 'raving kook'..?
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Writing to be heard

In the midst of this great GuideStar piece on writing fundraising letters comes a sentence that galvanized me:

  • Beginning sentences with "and"- one of my favorite connectors that encourages readers to keep reading (actually "listening" because that's the way we talk with friends).

Listening. That's why conversational writing, be it in blog posts, speeches or direct mail, has such power.

The thrill is gone

The thrill is gone(a couple sitting on a couch with notebook computers; one speaks) When we first started dating, I'd get a trackback from you once, even twice a day.

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