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Just because you have numbers doesn't mean you have insight

One of the most seductive things about social media is the way it allows us to quantify things. I have more friends than she does – I must be more popular. That blog post got more hits than this one, so that one's more effective. We have more Twitter followers this month than last month, so we're on the right track.

Numbers are lovely that way. In a world where everything seems open to interpretation, numbers offer certainty. Five is bigger than three: end of argument.

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Elections Canada, you're going about this all wrong

Want to stop election-night tweeting? Appeal to online culture

Hi, Elections Canada. We go back a long way, you and me. I'm the kid who had your colour-coded riding map masking-taped to my bedroom wall.

So let me offer some friendly advice. You want to stop people from tweeting election results from Eastern Canada before folks in Western Canada have had a chance to cast their ballots?

Then don't use section 329 of the Canada Elections Act. The full weight of the law is way too blunt an instrument.

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Good evening, my fellow tweeps

Five ways to use Twitter to make the most of an election debate

Twitter election debate

Let's be honest: election debates are usually pretty awful for voters.

I'm in ur ballot box, rigging ur results

I'm in ur ballot box, rigging ur results

(Iranian government official) See, Twitter's a problem, but it's manageable. Where we're totally having our our asses handed to us is with the LOLcats.

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We (heart) the U.S.A.

Canadians supporting Americans in Change (through Facebook)

Obama Hope posterThere was much rejoicing and clinking of glasses/bottles last night as the fact (and scope) of Barack Obama's victory became apparent.

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Election night sketchbook

He's the most wired, with-it presidential candidate ever. My friends, join me in congratulating the social media president-elect: Barack Obama. 

And what would history be without a little cartooning in the margins?

Various sketches from the election

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Social media and the 2008 Canadian federal election: still a long way to go

The Canadian national election campaign is just under a week old, with five more weeks to go.

It's still a better reason than whether he wears a flag lapel pin

It's still a better reason than whether he wears a flag lapel pin(voter to campaign worker) Look, I'm sorry - there's just no way I can vote for a candidate who'd use Comic Sans as body type.
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The netroots are coming to Second Life


RootsCamp - a series of gatherings for progressive Americans and members of the "netroots" to discuss and debrief on the U.S. midterm elections - won't just be happening in San Francisco, New York City, Bloomington, Washington DC and Columbus.

The first of the planned conferences won't even be happening anywhere you can find on a map.

Instead, it will kick off on Better World Island... deep in the heart of the avatar-based Second Life virtual world.

The conversation launches at 1 p.m. Pacific Standard Time on Wednesday, November 8, and runs through November 14. It's an unconference (wha'?), open to anyone who meets the exacting criteria:

Attendees must give a demo, a session, or help with one, or otherwise volunteer / contribute in some way to support the event. All presentations are scheduled the day they happen. Prepare in advance, but come early to get a slot on the wall. The people present at the event will select the demos or presentations they want to see.

If you're politically minded and you've been dying to learn more about the Second Life weirdness you've been hearing so much about, this is a great way to dip your toe in the virtual waters. And if you're progressive and a SL veteran with something to share about the election campain, well, you've probably already signed up.

For more info, visit the RootsCamp Second Life site. And see you there!

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Blogging and the 2006 Canadian election

Here's a quick link for political bloggers and their followers: the CBC's blog columnist in the last election, John Bowman, recaps blogging's impact on the campaign in a Policy Options magazine article (PDF).

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