The new royalty

The new royalty

(one person to a friend dressed in royal robes, sitting on a throne) Dude, remember how you said passing the 100,000-follower mark wouldn't change you..?

No peeing on the floor, and no outranking me on Technorati

No peeing on the floor, and no outranking me on Technorati

(woman to a dog in her lap) Fine, you can have an account. But if you wind up with more followers than I have, I'm deleting your furry ass.

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3 steps to jumpstart your corporate Twitter account by moving friends and followers from other accounts

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Updated: the third step isn't working at the moment, because that service has closed its doors for a while. We'll let you know if that changes.

If you've launched a Twitter account for a company or project, you've faced the same problem we've got here at Social Signal: how do I translate all the follows and followers on my individual account into a set of follows and followers on our Social Signal account?

There's no way to move my followers to @socialsignal, except by renaming my @awsamuel account, and then what would I use to twitter personally? What I can do is get Social Signal to follow the same people I'm following personally; that will give me an easy way to get into a conversation with my new @socialsignal hat on, and encourage them to follow our @socialsignal account too.

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