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They grow up so fast...

When social creations take flight


Five years ago this summer, in a boardroom at Vancity, William Azaroff was unveiling a new online community to an audience of Vancouver-area bloggers — a community we had worked with Vancity to conceive, build and launch. Also in attendance (maybe explaining his later affection for computers and gadgets): our one-week-old second child.



(parent to child) Don't think of it as nagging. Think of it as push notification.

If kids had APIs, this would be SO much easier

If kids had APIs, this would be SO much easier

(parent, with mobile device, to child who is watching) And that's called a "tweet". Once you learn to do that, Daddy can re-engage with your development.

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12 kid-friendly iPhone apps for toddlers and young kids

Lil Sweetie's message to Steve Jobs

Update & Saliva Warning: I took my iPhone in for a repair this week and was told my warranty was void because a small paper tab Apple implants in each iPhone showed the phone had been exposed to liquid. Since this phone has never gotten wet, we suspect that the moisture detector (which is just inside the dock port) was triggered by excess saliva from the kids playing Ocarina and Balloonimals, both of which involve blowing into the phone.

Ep. 20: the parental-guilt episode

Finding yourself plunking the kids down with something unhealthy - weaponized anthrax, ninja throwing stars, Bob the Builder - just so you can grab some keyboard time? How do you tell when a healthy pastime is turning into unhealthy competition for your children's attention?

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Good parenting 2.0

Capitalize on the first-mover advantage of having unique name

Yesterday I Googled each of our kids for the first time, in the form "John Smith".

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Raising community-minded kids: Not just for people in Morningside Heights?

How can we instill social values in our kids? That's a question Rob and I struggle with constantly. In its least subtle form, the inculcation can begin as early as eighteenth months, as we've learned this election season ("No, sweetie, we don't clap forthat man.") At three or four we can toss in a little more complexity ("We don't say Indian, we say First Nations") though no greater nuance ("That kind of car makes the trees cry.")

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