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Social Speech Podcast, Episode 1: Nancy White

Nancy White - Social Speech

The social web has gone a long way toward changing what it means to be in the audience at a speech – making an audience member less a passive spectator listening to a monologue, and more an active participant in a conversation among peers.

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If your team won't blog, maybe you need a new approach

How to spur reluctant bloggers

Publish and I Don't Think So buttons

"Why won't they blog?"

That's a lament I hear from community managers, social media practitioners and communications directors who are begging, cajoling, coaxing and wheedling coworkers, trying to get them to post something to their organization's or company's blog.

Pretty much the last time I FollowFriday'd anyone, too

Pretty much the last time I FollowFriday'd anyone, too

(one old person to another) 2010. Yep, last time I commented on a blog was way back in 2010.

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A click too far

Why Quit Facebook Day didn't work

The CBC's Theresa Lalonde interviewed me back in January about social media trends for the coming year, and she was kind enough to replay one of my predictions that actually seems to be coming true (that people are going to become more attentive to how they use platforms like Facebook, and who they friend) in a piece about Quit Facebook Day.

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A little prominence goes a long way

Slideshare features our blogging e-book (and shows one way to motivate participation)

SlideShare logo

I just got an email from the fine folks at SlideShare, letting me know they'll be featuring our free e-book on getting value from blogging on the front page of their business and management section for the next day or so.

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Time is money

Just because there's no price tag doesn't make you aren't paying for it

Hourglass: time is money

It happened again today. Every time an online service like Twitter or Facebook hits a roadbump, or stops working altogether, there's an outcry of protest from its users. Then, just as quickly, comes the backlash: "How dare you complain about a FREE service?"

Engaging online participation: the research

A new, emerging space like social media might seem like unmapped territory. But actually, there's already a lot of knowledge available about how and why people participate online. Our methodology for fostering online participation has its roots in Alex's Ph.D. research at Harvard University and her work for social capital scholar Robert Putnam, author of Bowling Alone.

That methodology is grounded in three key insights:

Time well spent

Time well spentA pie chart depicting the information on the Internet. While most of it is serious, meaningful stuff, a tiny slice shows 'YouTube videos of people hurting themselves in amusing ways'. According to the chart, that's also what most people actually watch.
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Spurring participation: Vancity's Viva la resolution! contest now in its 3rd year

Viva la resolution! contest

A little over two years ago, we sat down with Vancity's Kate Dugas and William Azaroff to help them think through a New Year's resolution contest. Little did we know we were helping to forge a dynasty.

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Bedtime with Rob and Alex ep. 13: the over-participation episode

How to skillfully manage community enthusiasm

This episode finds Alex and Rob with some company in bed: the kids. (Parental discretion advised: contains explicit sounds of complaining toddler.) We talk about what happens when your favourite online community members participate just a little too much... and what you can do about it.

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