Kindly pee into this cup and hand over your login and password

Kindly pee into this cup and hand over your login and password

(boss to employee) Your work here has been flawless. But unless you start following people back on Twitter, your days at this company are numbered.

Gosh, what a remarkably detailed set of profile fields

Gosh, what a remarkably detailed set of profile fields

(secret agent to peace activist) As an exclusive promotion, we've created a new social network for the people we have under surveillance. Here's your login info.

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Everybody says don't

5 time-wasting Internet rules that you should think about breaking


Internet sages are full of rules about stupid things you should never do. But like most recommendations delivered as inviolable laws, the cardinal Don'ts of life online mostly distract you from Do's that would be more rewarding. Here are some don'ts I believe in breaking, and some dos you can undertake once you've let go of these time- and worry-wasters.

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Way-too-candid camera

Rob in Vancouver Sun story on Facebook "Photo Stalker" app

Do you know who's looking at your Facebook photos?

A lot of people don't know that Facebook's default privacy settings expose their photos to the world. And for a stranger, browsing your snapshots of that crazy drunken office party may be as simple as installing a new Facebook application called Photo Stalker.

That's the word from Vancouver Sun reporter Gillian Shaw, who interviewed the app's developer.

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Pieces of you

Handling your identity across many online profiles

According to Microsoft Canada, the average Canuck has seven online profiles out there. A lot of us have a lot more - some active, some abandoned and gathering dust, and still others that are forgotten yet still chug automatically along. (I haven't opened my FriendFeed page in well over a month, but it includes things I did only a few minutes ago.)

And that's another episode in the can

And that's another episode in the can

(director of a film crew to someone sitting on a toilet) Oh, stop moaning. If you'd read your cell phone contract more closely, you'd have seen the provision that allows us to turn your life into a 24-hour-a-day reality TV show.

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You are your own privacy policy

Security and social media in an age of disclosure and aggregation

Online security and privacy can matter a lot, both to individuals and to organizations. A lapse can mean anything from embarrassment to financial loss... and even physical danger.

But we're living in the social media age, with all sorts of opportunities - and incentives - to disclose even intimate aspects of our personal and professional lives. And when that information gets aggregated, the result can be a surprisingly comprehensive dossier - one far more extensive than we'd ever intended to reveal to the world.

Also, they say you should be flossing more

Also, they say you should be flossing more(one woman holding a telephone speaks to another woman, who is looking under a chair) It's Google. They say you left your keys in the left-hand pocket of your other pants.

For legal aid, press 1. For tech support, press 2.

For legal aid, press 1. For tech support, press 2.(lawyer to accused) To quote further from people's exhibit A, your Twitter feed: '@holdupguy I'm in the getaway vehicle with the money and hostages. Where R U?'

Here's looking at you

Here's looking at you(surveillance camera talking to computer user) Don't you think joining that "Facebook, stop invading my privacy!" group is a little... I don't know... paranoid?

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