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Twitter is now an URLy bird

Twitter search gets a little more powerful

We missed this last week when ReadWriteWeb reported it, but maybe you did, too. So here's something we've just discovered.

Search engine pessimized

Search engine pessimized

(one person at a party to a friend, looking at a third person) Ugh - don't talk to him. He stuffs his conversation with keywords.

It's bonus time! Have a retweet.

It's bonus time! Have a retweet.(boss to employees) Owing to the economic climate, we've rejigged our compensation structure. Henceforth, you'll be paid entirely in link love and Google juice.
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10 ways to use numbers in your blog post titles

Check out any social bookmarking site - Delicious, for instance, or Digg - and you'll see that a lot of the most popular pages being bookmarked have something in common: a number in the title.

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