See also "Not Destroying the Planet In a Nutshell"

See also "Not Destroying the Planet In a Nutshell"

(a worker on an oil rig carries in an armful of boxes from O'Reilly Media) April 18, 2010: In an alternate timeline, a shipment of three dozen copies of "Stopping Massive Oil Spills: The Missing Manual" arrives just in time

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Click. Conserve. Compete.

New BC Hydro app lets users harness conservation efforts to greening 2010 Winter Games

Power the Games banner

When BC Hydro asked us to help them develop a new social media project - building on the success of the Green Gifts Facebook app - our thoughts naturally turned to the 2010 Winter Games. BC Hydro is an Official Supporter; organizers are aiming to have their greenest Olympic Winter Games yet; BC Hydro's ad campaign is built around the slogan "Save power. See the games."... hmm...

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@SFUWoodwards, here's your camera

Winner in our Twitter contest gets her Flip HD


Turns out it really is better to give than receive! We just handed Julie Ovenell-Carter, a.k.a. @sfuwoodwards, her brand new Flip MinoHD video camera, her prize in Social Signal's first Twitter contest.

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DeSmogBlog: social media at work to clear the air around climate change

One of the reasons we're seized with the power of social media is that we've seen its potential for engaging people in the most important conversations of our time. With such urgent crises as climate change on the global agenda, I draw a lot of my hope for the future from the way I see people coming together from a wide range of backgrounds - some of them unlikely - to tackle the big challenges.

Yes, West Virginia, there is a Santa Claus

Yes, West Virginia, there is a Santa Claus

(parent to child holding a lump of coal on Christmas morning) Yes, but it's CLEAN coal.

Also, ya think this "wheel" thing has any legs?

Also, ya think this "wheel" thing has any legs?(two cavepeople, eating meat from large bones) I don't know how seriously to take all this 'peak mammoth' stuff.
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At, blogging is an EPIC undertaking


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BC Hydro's Green Gifts: harnessing Facebook gift-giving energy for conservation

When you're a company looking to make your first foray into the thickets of social media, building your own online community from scratch – and taking on everything from usability issues to platform selection to how you get that critical mass of people to sign up in the first place – can seem pretty daunting, and with good reason.

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Searching sustainably at happyfrog

Think locally... very locally.

(One ant to another) No, thanks. I'm on the 100-millimetre diet.

(And if you're wondering what this is about, you'll want to check these great folks out.)

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